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Remote Control Service program


Audience Response Remote Control Service Program

is an intelligent method that allows us to control your events without the physical presence of an onsite technician. All you need to do is provide us with a staff who knows how to manage a computer setup that is internet connected. We will train your staff to run the presentation during the actual event.

It works exactly the same as our

Full Service Program

only we work with you remotely. This allows you to save on travel and accommodation expenses for an onsite technician.

How it Works:

1. Rental of

Audience Response System Equipment

through our main office or local offices.
  •   We ship the complete

    Audience Response System Equipment

    to you. This includes the base station and the number of keypads specified in your Purchase Order (P.O.).
  •   Optional: Laptop installed with a full version of

    Audience Response Software

    and other accessories such as USB extension and A/B switch.

2. Before the event starts:

  •   You need to assign a staff in-charge of a computer setup (or laptop) installed with

    Audience Response Software

    . The computer (or laptop) must be connected to the internet. Our technician will then remotely access your computer (or laptop) to help you control your presentation.
  •   Once we have access to your computer, we can help you create and design question slides and insert the
    audience polling
  •   Or if you have created them, we can review the slides with you, your team and the presenter to make sure every slide is working perfectly.
  •   We can perform a remote rehearsal with your presenter the night or a few hours before the actual presentation.
  •   Your designated staff will coordinate with our technician to setup the computer (or laptop) and the base station.
  •   Your designated staff will distribute the keypads to your audience.

3. During the event:

  •   Our technician will have full control of your presentation remotely. With your designated staff providing assistance, our technician will conduct the PowerPoint presentation. We will make sure that the slide show is being presented based on the Presenter's lead.
  •   Our technician will also show result graphic and perform data analysis. All these done remotely.

4. At the end of the event:

  •   The result data will be saved and converted to proper format.
  •   The reports will be generated.
  •   Your staff collects, packs and ship the equipment back to our Audience Response Service Warehouse.

Audience Response Self Service Program

is part of our commitment to provide better and cost efficient service to our clients.

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