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Bangalore, India

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Overview Bangalore City is the capital of Katarnataka which is an Indian state. This is the third most populous city in India. This city is nicknamed as the Garden City and was even called as pensioner's paradise. This city is nicknamed as the Garden City because of the beautiful gardens that can be found all over the city. This is also India's hub for information technology and also coined as the Silicon Valley of India. There are different software companies, heavy industries, aerospace, defence organisations and telecommunications found in the city. Well known colleges and research institutes are also located in this city.
Population As of 2011, Bangalore has a population of 8,425,970.
Airport India's fourth busiest airport is found in Bangalore which is the Bengaluru International Airport. This is located 40 kilometers from the city center.
Climate Bangalore has a tropical savanna climate which is characterized to have distinct wet and dry seasons. In January the temperature drops to an average of 15.1 degrees Celcius which is the coolest month of the year. Bangalore experiences the hottest month of the year in April with an average temperature of 33.6 degrees Celcius. Bangalore experiences heavy rainfall during the months of August, September and October.
Best Season The best time to visit Bangalore is from October to February during the winter period when the weather is cool.
Transportation The most popular mode of transportation in Bangalore is known as auto. This is a three-wheeled green and yellow auto-rickshaw, this is metered like a taxi and it can accommodate up to three passengers. Aside from the auto, you can also find taxis which are on call only and buses.
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To avoid You can avoid visiting Bangalore during the summer season when it is really hot and the months of August and September when there is heavy rainfall.
Pros Bangalore is a growing and expanding city. There are a lot of industries located in this city that makes it as one of the major economic centers in the country of India. India has a very rich culture and you can see it in the city of Bangalore. There are different places and establishments that allow you to see the beauty of India and its culture. There are different traditional Indian festivals held in the city which makes it attractive to tourists.
Cons Traffic is one of the cons in Bangalore. It has a worsening intra-city infrastructure that is addressed with the development and building of a railway station. Another cons is the harsh weather that is often experienced in the summer or rainy season of the year.
Hotels Lotus Park Hotel, The Capitol, IRIS - The Business Hotel
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