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Cairo, Egypt

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Overview Cairo, the capital of Egypt is also the largest city in Africa and the Arab world. In the world, Cairo is the 16th largest metropolitan. This city is the center of the political and cultural life of the region and has the nickname of "The City of a Thousand Minarets'. This city is already 1.042 years old and was founded by the Fatimid dynasty in the 10th century AD. Ancient Egypt is also associated to the city because of its close proximity to the ancient cities of Egypt such as Memphis, Giza and Fustat. The Great Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza are located nearby.
Population As of 2006, Cairo has a population of 6,758,581.
Airport The Cairo International Airport is located to the north-east of the city which is about 9.3 mi or 15 kilometers from the business district of the city. This is the second busiest airport in Africa next to the OR Tambo International Airport in South Africa. There are over 65 airlines including charter airlines that use the airport and 9 cargo airlines. The airport has four terminals and in 2010 it has been voted as one of the 3 most improved airports in the world in the Skytrax World Airport Awards.
Climate Cairo has a desert climate with high humidity. Wind storms are frequent in this city and you can expect Saharan dust in the city during the months of March and April. In the summer the temperature is about 40 degrees Celcius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit and can drop to 20 degrees Celcius or 68 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, you can expect the temperature to range from 19 degrees Celcius (66 degrees Fahrenheit) to 29 degrees Celcius (84 degrees Fahrenheit). In the night, the temperature drops to 5 degrees Celcius (41 degrees Fahrenheit). Rainfall is rare but sudden showers can cause flooding in the city.
Best Season The best time to visit Cairo is during the winter season that starts from November until March. The daytime temperature is on an average of 25 degrees Celcius while the night time temperature is below 11 degrees Celcius.
Transportation Transportation in Cairo includes rail system, subway system, extensive road network which is connected to several cities in Egypt and maritime services. You can also use taxis, public buses and Cairo minibuses for the road transport.
Meeting, Facilities & Amenities
To avoid It is best to avoid visiting the city during the summer season because of its erratic temperature range.
Pros Cairo is considered as part of the Ancient Egypt. You can find the rich history of the ancient Egyptians and their tradition and culture with the different ancient establishments such as the Great Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza and these are the only remaining Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The city has the largest and oldest music and film industry in the Arab world. The Cairo International Film Festival has been ongoing and is a success for more than 33 years already. This city is also the hub of education and educational services in Egypt. There are several universities in the city as well as higher learning institutes.
Cons Air pollution is one serious problem in Cairo. There are air measurements that showed dangerous amount of lead, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide in the air. Due to the city's lack of rain, narrow streets and tall buildings there is no way for the air to be dispersed. A mysterious black cloud appears over Cairo every fall and this causes respiratory illnesses and eye irritation. Aside from air pollution, the city also suffers from land pollution and water pollution. Public awareness of the importance of a clean environment is now established in the city.
Hotels Four Seasons Hotel, Nile Ritz Carlton Hotel, The Hilton Pyramids Hotel, Movenpick Hotel
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