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Katowice, Poland

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Overview Katowice is located in the Silesian Highlands and serves as the central district of the Upper Silesian Metropolis. Since its formation in 1999, it has been the capital of the Slaskie Region and the second-wealthiest and most highly industrialized region in Poland. The city represents the economic, administrative, academic and cultural heart of the Silesian Metropolis. Geographically well-situated, Katowice offers a highly skilled human resources potential (two hundred thousand students graduating every year), strong absorptive market powers, as well as convenient communications and interactions with cities in Poland, Europe, and around the world. Katowice still has several cultural centers, including the Wyspianski Silesian Theatre, Silesian Philharmonic, many museums including the Silesian Museum and the History of Katowice Museum, and is the site of numerous festivals and music concerts year-round.
Population Has an urban population of over 306,000.
Airport Katowice International Airport, located about 30 km (19 mi) from the center of Katowice.
Climate The climate of the area is classified as oceanic.
Best Season The best time (months) of the year to visit Katowice are March, July and November.
Meeting, Facilities & Amenities
To avoid Do not visit the place outside of the best months stated as best season.
Pros Katowice has excellent location with well-developed infrastructure. It has low unemployment rate and large number of graduates from the technical and scientific fields. Many international companies have already benefited from locating their operation and R&D centers in Poland, just to name a few: Mentor Graphics Polska, Display Link, Kroll Ontrack, Rockwell Automation, Capgemini, Steria and others. The Katowice Special Economic Zone is the leader among Polish special economic zones.
Cons It has un unfavorable image. Low sense of security among inhabitants. Greater use of non-budget method of financing.
Tips Enjoy huge discount rates from the many hotels in the city.
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