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We provide a premium audience response service for many services

We provide a premium audience response service for many services

Meetings and Conferences:

Meetings can be made more interesting and more informative by getting the audience involved. Most often, the audience is knowledgeable in the field and it wants to know what their peers think. EARS designs questions with the speakers to accomplish this. Here is an example:

Meetings and Conferences

We have staff that is knowledgeable in the financial industry. These include areas such as pension funds, asset managers, hedge funds, sovereign funds, banking and insurance.
We also have software features to provide entertainment such as contests and games.

Ad Meter, Commercials, Videos and Movie pretesting

We have provided the yearly data for USA TODAY's Super Bowl Ad Meter commercial contest. This collects data, live, from multiple cities and tabulates the results for instant web displays and for publication immediately following the game. This same technology is useful for pretesting commercials, storyboard concepts, company and college videos, promos and other videos. We have worked with major networks to test shows such as Jay Leno¡¯s Tonight and NFL Live. In addition, we have tested morning radio shows and PBS fund raising shows.

Ad Meter Commercials

We have developed unique methodology to not only measure the effectiveness of videos, but also to determine where in the videos subjects change their minds or make a decision to buy or not to buy.

Videos and Movie pretesting

Large and Small Focus groups

EARS has special software for large (100) and small (24) focus groups. Clients have included Land Rover, HP, Kodak, GSK, Exxon, NBC, Philadelphia Enquirer, Gannett and political groups. We can refer specialistsin research design for such projects. The EARS screen is easy to read by the moderator and these groups can be run by the user without an outside operator.

Large and Small Focus groups

Teaching Salesperson Evaluation and Training

EARS is very useful for Training of sales staff. By video recording a sales presentation with a live evaluation by viewers, the presenter can afterwards see how and where his presentation can be improved. We also have methodology to indicate where in the presentation a decsion to buy or not buy is made.

Continuing Medical Education

Continuing Medical Education is a standard application of the Audience Response Systems. Most often the presenter offers a clinical case to the audience and asks for their selection of diagnosis and/or treatment. These sessions are straight forward to operate and we can offer a cost effective service.

Company Retreats

Company retreats can be made much more effective with EARS. There are two areas where EARS is invaluable. First is anonymity . This is important to get true options that are free from office politics and options that you will never ordinarily hear. For example,

Company Retreats

Second, you can inject humor into the meeting: e.g., display which group has the best golf handicap (or is best dressed). Techniques such as these will bring your company together and you can learn more about what they think.

Trial Analysis and Preparation

EARS can be used in legal argument preparation and in mock trials. In some instances, it can be even be used in live trials so that a shadow jury can signal its opinion to the counsel live. It can be used by law schools when preparing students to participate in mock trials. Here is our article on this subject.
Hughes GD and Hsiao HS. Pretesting all phases of a jury trial with the aid of a microcomputer. AM J Trial Advocacy 9:53-66, 1985.

Political Debates and Debate Preparation

EARS performed its first political debate analysis during the 1988 Democratic Primaries. Later in 1988, USA TODAY and ABC¡¯s Nightline reported our measurement of audience reaction to Lloyd Benson¡¯s response to Dan Quayle¡¯s reference to John Kennedy. This is a method that can determine who won the debate. Moreover, it determined at what point minds were changed. EARS can be useful in debate preparation.

Restaurant table voting games

Here is a photo of our voting pyramid that was used in the former TV City Restaurant located in Rockefeller Center.

Restaurant table voting games

Classroom teaching with EARS

EARS has custom techniques for classroom teaching. These include, (1) online tests where the results are immediately available, (2) Remote voting for remote teaching sites, (3) unique feedback to the instructor where he/she can get clear feedback on how individual subgroups are understanding the material, (4) Jeopardy contest, and (5) questions and comments can be discreetly texted to the instructor during the presentation.

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